Randy Fullbright | Encaustic War Shields

Little Bighorn 32"x23"x2"Grandfather's Shield 28"x22"x2"Four Bears Shield 32"x26"x2"To the Victor's go the Spoil's 32"x26"x2"The end of a way of Life 32"x26"x2"Witness to History 27"x19.5"x2"The Ancestor Shield 24"x20"x2"The Ninth Cavalry and the Northern Ute's 32"x26"x2"Visions of Empire 32"x24"x2"Echos of the Past 32"x26"x2"Calumet and Shield 32"x26"x2"Blackfoot Shield 32"x26"x2"Henry Rifle and Shield 32"x26"x2"

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